A portfolio of founders that refuses to accept the status quo.

Our portfolio ventures are either focused on health & wellness innovation or business to business sector solutions. What they have in common is the goal of disrupting the status quo with measurable impact.

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Well.ca (acquired 2017)


Well.ca was acquired by McKesson, a $30 billion market cap company which builds supply chain solutions for pharmacies, manufacturers, and governments

Well.ca is Canada’s leading online destination for health, wellness, natural and baby products and has been ranked in the top 5% of customer experience in Canada for the last three consecutive years. With over 40,000-curated products, thousands of peer reviews, and Canada’s largest assortment of green and natural brands.   With over 40,000-curated products, thousands of peer reviews, and Canada’s largest assortment of green and natural brands, Well.ca make it easy for consumers to make choices they can trust.


Mogo (IPO in 2015)


Mogo is on a mission to help consumers take control of their financial health with solutions that are easy to use, transparent, and unconventionally fun. By leveraging technology and design they are transforming the way over 500,000 Canadians manage their finances. The company offers a variety of digital financial services including personal loans, identity fraud protection, mortgages, a Visa Debit card, and credit score viewing through Equifax.

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Bgood was formed by Anthony Ackil and Jon Olinto childhood friends who grew up eating Anthony's Uncle Faris' homemade food.   Fifteen years later they started a restaurant with the same simple premise.  Sourcing their ingredients from local farms and focusing heavily on customer experience, they have grown from their first restaurant in Harvard Square in Cambridge, Massachusetts to almost a hundred locations in US, Canada, and Europe.   Healthy, local ingredients form the basis of a delicious, family-friendly menu featuring burgers and sandwiches, seasonal salads, kale and grain bowls.  Each restaurant is a tribute to the local farming community that made it happen with posters of participating farmers, reinforcing their philosophy of food made by people, not factories.





As streaming becomes the preferred consumer choice for video content, media and entertainment broadcasters and content producers use SSIMWave’s patented software products to provide the ability to control video quality-of-experience and bandwidth costs in a manner that is unmatched in the industry. The products are based on SSIMWave's video quality-of-experience monitoring technology that won a prime time Engineering Emmy. SSIMWave's products deliver improved video quality-of-experience and reduce bandwidth costs by 50%. Current clients include AMD, ebay, Amazon's Elemental Technologies, Telefonica, Comcast and Rogers.




Nicoya Lifesciences uses nanotechnology to reduce the cost and complexity of scientific instruments, making them accessible to everyone. By using highly sensitive biosensors, these instruments allow scientists to better understand diseases and develop new drugs to treat them. Nicoya Lifesciences was launched in 2012 as a spin-out of the University of Waterloo. Today, their scientific instruments have been used by hundreds of innovative researchers and labs in over 25 countries.




ACTO is an AI powered field sales training platform for a global roster of Life Sciences companies that empowers their commercial and medical teams to deliver the right message at the right time. CRM technology identifies who to call on; ACTO assists the rep in what to say when they get there. Acto’s technology connects three key groups: training, marketing and sales. Leaders from the aforementioned key departments have transparent access to field results to further optimize sales and marketing performance.




ProNavigator is a technology company using artificial intelligence to reinvent the customer experience and drive growth in the insurance industry. Their pre-trained insurance virtual assistant helps insurers and agencies automate customer inquiries through almost any channel the customer prefers. Their platform specializes in coaching users through underwriting, claims, service, and sales support to ensure their customers have 24/7 service when and where it’s convenient for them.

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Bonne O


The Bonne O Sparkling Beverage System has transformed the category of home carbonation by focusing on two key elements. First, the team designed an elegant and innovative kitchen appliance that eliminates the need for the cumbersome refilling of CO2 tanks associated with many home carbonation systems. Next, they imagined a line of natural fruit flavours and whole fruit additions that turn any water-based drink into a delicious and healthy infusion. From a 100% natural sparkling mint-infused green tea using a real green tea bag and a sprig of mint to an orange soda using only actual orange slices and water, Bonne O meets the growing demand for healthy beverages and customer-driven customization by giving consumers control of what goes into their family's drinks.




Bridgit makes construction less complicated – from day one – with a field-focused solution that simplifies communications and coordination, increases accountability and visibility, and improves quality. General contractors, developers, owners and subcontractors all use the range of solutions to efficiently manage construction projects and workforces. Thousands of property owners, developers, general contractors, and subcontractors rely on Bridgit to build faster and build better, including Aecom, Arco, Jacobs, Lendlease, Tutor Perini, Whiting-Turner, and WISE. Bridgit’s equity partners including Salesforce Ventures, Sands Capital, Vanedge Capital, BDC and Innovation Grade Ventures.


The Mark Studios


The Mark Studios combines measurement and creative to create customer experiences that deliver revenue in the form of customer acquisition and retention. Serving a portfolio of consumer and business to business brands, the rapidly growing firm is helping brands make their “mark” across digital channels.


Alpha Cancer Technologies


Alpha Cancer Technologies' innovative approach to cancer treatment has attracted Celgene Corporation (www.celgene.com) as a strategic investor. Alpha founders understood that conventional chemotherapy often results in extensive damage to all of the cells in a person's body, both cancerous cells and healthy ones. They solve this challenge via an innovative targeted chemotherapy delivery platform for the treatment of cancer. Alpha uses recombinant human alpha-fetoprotein to exclusively target cancer cells by delivering toxic chemotherapeutic agents exclusively to the cancerous cells. Accordingly, this approach offers the benefits of much lower toxicity to the body and greater efficacy compared to conventional chemotherapy.


Nix Color Sensor


Started as a Kickstarter project, Nix is now a patented handheld device that can measure the colour of any surface and provide that information to the user's smartphone. Unlike current solutions, like color fan decks and smartphone apps, the Nix Color Sensor's patented design blocks out all ambient light, providing a calibrated light source to provide an unprecedented level of accuracy. Applications for Nix reside in a diverse set of sectors that rely on accurate color matching as a core competency including Paint, Cosmetic, Food & Agriculture, Printing, Automotive and Textiles sectors.




Fable is an online platform that companies use to engage people with disabilities in research and user testing, on-demand. Founder Alwar Pillai first understood this market need in her role at Rogers Communications, a large publicly traded telecommunications firm. At Rogers, Alwar was mandated with improving usability for disabled consumer users of the corporate web and mobile content. She created Fable to help companies make their digital products accessible to over 1 billion people who live with a disability. By leveraging the unique qualifications of people who face accessibility barriers, Fable is not only solving a technical problem, but also providing flexible work opportunities for an underemployed segment of society.


Labscubed has innovated an automated machine that conducts tensile testing of polymers including rubbers, plastics, and soon adhesives. Before products are designed with these raw materials, the materials must be tested for tension, strength and durability. Currently engineering staff in manufacturers’ R&D labs globally are forced to manually test these inputs using manual laborious processes, all while inputting test results into spreadsheets. Labscubed has innovated this entire process via a unique piece of hardware that enables an R&D lab to automate multiple simultaneous tests and capture of data results. Engineers are now freed up for more higher value research opportunities, and material testing is done more efficiently and accurately.